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Dr. Stan's Biblical Perspectives

Dr. Stan's Biblical Perspectives

  • Bible Commentaries - NEW Series
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"Wisdom for a Worldly Church"
"Finding Joy in the Midst of an Unhappy World"
"Jonah: A Prophet with a Bad Attitude"
  • Articles - click the title below to view
"Is Covert Mission Activity Biblical?"
"Manifesting Genuine Christianity"
"The Under-Challenged Church"
"Which Clique Or Camp Are You In?"
"Why Are So Many Churches Dwindling And Dying?"
"Personal Agendas"
"Should Christians be Cremated?"
"Nothing Gay about Homosexuality"
"Love and Appreciation for the Local Church"
"Getting Tough with Those Who Break the Rules"
"God's Final Appeal to a Wicked Nation"
"Why So Much Killing in America?"
"What About Halloween?"
"Wanted: Deacons Who Desire to be Servants!"
"A Culture of Disrespect & Disloyalty!"
"The Modern Tragedy of Insecure Pastors and Church Leaders"
"Onward to the Prize Before Us"
"Where are the Laborers?"
"For the Sake of Our Children"
"First Church of Fickleville"
"The State of Alexander County Presentation"
"Why Should We Go Witnessing?"


  • Sermons - click the title below to view
"The Call of God to Become a Peculiar People
and a Holy Nation"
"The Promise to Our Fellowship"
"The Products of Our Fellowship"
"The Horrible Place Called Hell"
"A Faithful Father is Rewarded"
"A Demonstration of Jesus' Love"
"Paul's Prayer for the Fullness of God"
"A Christmas Gift for Some Shepherds"
"Harvesting Fruit that will Remain"
"A Glorious Homecoming"
"Some Characteristics of a Great Church"
"A Hurting Lady Meets the Healing Lord"
"A Place for His Glory"
"A Readiness to Die"
"A Living Hope"
"Follow the Shepherd"
"Even So Send I You"
"Real Evidence of Real Salvation"
"Feeding a Multitude of People"
"Determined to Finish Well"
"Genuine Worship by the Believer"
"The Conversion of the Ethiopian Eunuch"
"Bringing a Friend to Jesus"
"The Conversion of Cornelius"
"Chosen to be a Deacon"
"A Psalm of Thanksgiving"
"Reasons to Love My Church"
"Living a Life of Integrity"
"Global Warming"
"The Day Death Met Deity"
"Growing Old Gracefully"
"The Preeminence of Christ"
"How to Discover the Perfect Will of God"
"We are in the Army Now"
"The Trial of a Woman of Faith"
"Membership in the Local Church"
"Soul Winning & Visitation Class"
"It's Time to Confront the Hypocrisy in Our Culture"
"On the Battlefield for Our Lord"






  • Resources

I would like to mention that I am now making available numerous CD’s, DVD’s, and Bible study outlines from my many years of study and preaching. If you would like some of these, just please call our office and we will send them to you right away. And of course, as JoAnne and I now travel throughout the USA, we are offering these materials in the churches where I speak. The following is a list of what we now have available and the requested donation for these materials.







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